Dominique Hanssens

A member of The Boardroom Project, founding Director of the MASB, and founding Chair of the MASB Advisory Council (2011), Dominique Hanssens is a Distinguished Research Professor of Marketing at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. A widely recognized authority on marketing strategy and effectiveness of marketing efforts, he served as Executive Director of the Marketing Science Institute 2005-2007.

Professor Hanssens has published several books and over 80 journal articles on marketing strategy, in particular the assessment of long-term impact of marketing activities. He serves or has served as Area Editor for Marketing Science and Associate Editor for Journal of Marketing Research and Management Science. He was elected a Fellow of the INFORMS Society for Marketing Science in 2010. He has been a consultant to major companies around the world and is a co-founder of MarketShare, a global marketing analytics firm headquartered in Los Angeles.

Dominique holds a licentiate in applied economics from the University of Antwerp, and a master’s and PhD in management from Purdue University.

He co-leads the CLV for CPG Project  and is a member of the Continuous Improvement in Return Project team.