Earl Taylor

Earl Taylor MSIEarl Taylor, MASB Director since 2009, is Chief Knowledge Officer at the Marketing Science Institute (MSI), a founding member of MASB. At MSI, Earl is responsible for recruitment and retention of corporate members and the development of funding sources for research programs. He serves as principal spokesperson with MSI’s business constituencies and the business community in general.

Before joining MSI, Earl worked at Research International, as SVP and US Leader of the Branding and Communications Practice. During his time at RI, Taylor wrote numerous articles on global branding and brand communities; co-authored “Managing Global Brands to Meet Consumer Expectations,” which won top prizes at the 2003 ESOMAR global conference; co-authored The Masterbrand Mandate (Wiley 2000), which was awarded the Atticus “Grand Prix” award by WPP Group; and “How Global Brands Compete” (Harvard Business Review, 2004).

Earl has a PhD in sociology from Harvard and a BA in psychology and sociology from Rice University.

He is a member of MASB’s Marketing Team and the Common Language in Marketing Project .