FREE ONLINE COURSE: Value Creation and Marketing Accountability

A 14-part, senior-level marketing course by Loyola Marymount University’s David W. Stewart is available for free
from the MASB FINANCE in MARKETING Library on YouTube, along with numerous other videos.

Pt  1  Creating and Measuring Value
Pt  2  Business Models
Pt  3  Cash Flows
Pt  4  Marketing Research
Pt  5  Forecasting Demand
Pt  6  Intermediate Marketing Outcomes
Pt  7  Linking Marketing Outcomes to Financial Performance
Pt  8  Brand and Brand Value
Pt  9  Organizing the Value Chain
Pt 10  Customer Loyalty
Pt 11  Managing Risk
Pt 12  Multi-Product Portfolios
Pt 13  Finance and Marketing Strategy
Pt 14  Measurement Beyond the Firm