New Member Avasta Shares MASB’s Vision of Accountable Marketing

MASB, the Marketing Accountability Standards Board, is pleased to announce that Canadian marketing measurement firm Avasta has become a member.

“Avasta shares the MASB vision of advancing accountable marketing practices that drive brand and business growth by linking marketing activities to financial outcomes,” said Founder and CEO Edgar Baum. “We are excited about becoming a member and contributing new standards, training and education to the community. We believe open source is critical to accelerating the marketing industry success.”

Avasta CEO Edgar Baum

“Avasta applies innovative analytic techniques on customer-level data to uncover the otherwise hidden value embedded in brands,” MASB Executive Director Frank Findley commented. “We applaud their willingness to share case learnings and welcome their participation in MASB projects.”

Since 2016, Baum has been collaborating with MASB as a participant in ISO Technical Committee 289, which is developing global brand valuation and brand evaluation standards through the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Now he will also serve as a member of MASB’s Brand Evaluation Standards Project team.

“Companies in the digital era need new measurement systems to report the true value of their business,” said Baum. “At Avasta, we are using data, frameworks and mathematics to create the measurement of brand value and intangible asset value for our clients. Our vision is to take the guesswork out of business.”