MASB Welcomes University of South-Eastern Norway

The University of South-Eastern Norway has joined MASB as an academic member. USN was established in 2016 as the merger of two colleges. The School of Business serves about 4,400 students on five campuses.

Kare SandvikRepresenting USN as a MASB Advisor is Kåre Sandvik, PhD, Professor of Marketing. His research includes market orientation, product innovations, interorganizational and relationships management, distribution and digital channels, scenarios, and marketing finance. His journal publications are many and he recently directed a large grant industrywide research project, Developing Sources of Competitive Advantage in the Norwegian Travel Industry.

“Working with some of the best companies has taught me how crucial it is to integrate marketing’s contribution to financial performance in organization-wide structures, methods, systems, reporting and management,” said Sandvik, who attended MASB Winter Summit 2018 in New Orleans. “Cross-disciplinary work with accounting and finance is as important as interfacing with disciplines such as psychology, information systems, management and organizational science. I am impressed with the frontier role taken by MASB and look forward to our business school becoming a new member of the outstanding team of experts and champions.”

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