MASB Winter Summit 2020: Where Marketing Activities Meet Financial Return

MASB Winter Summit 2020 takes place February 26 – 27 at the Union League Club, 38 E 37th St, Manhattan, New York, NY. The Summit runs Wednesday 2 PM to 6 PM followed by a dinner reception, and Thursday 8 AM to 4 PM.

The program includes:

  • Brand Value and Customer Franchise Are Material – Tony Pace, MASB President/CEO
  • ANA Brand Value Survey Report – Exclusive first look at research into brand valuation assessments among leading marketers
  • Spotlight Interview – Christopher McDonough, Chief Brand and Sales Officer at L.L. Bean, on curating a legacy customer base while transitioning to eCommerce
  • Sports Sponsorship Panel – An inside view of the Super Bowl & upcoming Olympic Games
  • AI and the Magic Money-Making Machine – Will Thompson, SVP Insights & Strategy at Forbes, reveals in-depth lessons on the application of AI to marketing
  • Customer Franchise – How marketers view and report on the health of their base
  • Digital Accountability Panel – Has the industry truly made progress?
  • Spotlight Presentation – Measuring TV, video, display and social on a single platform
  • MASB Best Practices Benchmarking – Stories from the field on this new offering
  • MASB/ISO Standards – Guidance for Conducting Brand Evaluations
  • Spotlight Presentation – Jeff Greenfield, C3 Metrics Chief Attribution Officer, on making Marketing work better through cross-platform advertising attribution
  • Networking lunch, breakfast, reception and dinner

If you would like to receive an invitation, please email or submit our REGISTRATION FORM.