Sinclair and Keller, Meier Honored at Summer Summit

Patrick Sinclair speaks about his father, Roger Sinclair.

Two awards were presented to three well-deserving individuals at MASB Summer Summit, Aug. 8-9 in Chicago.

Kevin Lane Keller, Ph.D., and Roger Sinclair, Ph.D., were jointly awarded the inaugural Margaret H. Blair Award for Marketing Accountability. They co-authored two articles published in the Journal of Brand Management, A Case for Brands as Assets (2014) and Brand value, accounting standards, and mergers and acquisitions: “The Moribund Effect” (2017), an examination of how the values of acquired brands added to the balance sheet remain unchanged no matter how well brands might perform for the company over time. Patrick Sinclair received the award for his father, who died in 2016. READ PRESS RELEASE

MASB President/CEO Tony Pace and award namesake Joe Plummer present Jim Meier the MASB Trailblazer award.

Marketing Accountability Foundation Trustee/Treasurer and former MillerCoors executive Jim Meier received the 2019 Joseph Plummer MASB Trailblazer Award. He served as MASB Director from 2013-2018 and was appointed Trustee and Treasurer of the Marketing Accountability Foundation in 2019. A key contributing leader of the Metric Catalog, Continuous Improvement in Return and Brand Investment & Valuation project teams, Jim co-authored the MASB white paper, Applying the Brand Investment & Valuation Model, in 2018. READ PRESS RELEASE