Summer Summit Highlights

MASB Summer Summit 2018 in Boston was a terrific forum for discussions on many aspects of marketing accountability by some of the most visionary minds in Marketing today. Don’t miss our upcoming MASB events.

MASB Chair David Stewart of Loyola Marymount University introduces new brand evaluation standard ISO 201671.
Laura Patterson of VisionEdge Marketing on “How Successful Marketers Account for Marketing’s Value.”
Brand Finance CEO David Haigh
New York Life’s Alexei Milgram
Charles Cantu on Digital Marketing Accountability
Chris Murphy of Kantar Millward Brown presents the MMAP-assessed Meaningfully Different Framework metric
MASB President/CEO Tony Pace (r) puts the Member Spotlight on Brian Leonard (l) and Henrik Christensen of MillerCoors.
Steve Diorio of Forbes CMO Practice (l) interviews Mark McKenna of Putnam Investments and John Sviolka of PwC (r).
Tony Pace interviews TD Ameritrade’s Denise Karkos, “The Accountable CMO.”
Tony Pace spotlights MASB Advisor John Gaski of Notre Dame University
MASB Director Karen Ebben of Global Marketing Impact on Sponsorship Accountability
Paul Pednault (l) and Seth Leeds present Sponsorium’s PerforMind sponsorship metric.
Kimberly Cook presents Hookit’s sponsorship metrics.