MASB Summer Summit 2020 Session 3 happens THIS THURSDAY, Oct. 15, 1 – 4 PM ET, featuring the Great ENGAGEMENT Debate!     REGISTER for MASB SUMMER SUMMIT SESSION 3

Gary Vaynerchuk

Measures and Value of Engagement

Spotlight Interview

Gary Vaynerchuk, Chairman of VaynerX and CEO of VaynerMedia

The Great ENGAGEMENT Debate

What is their value and how do they interact?
Bobby Calder, Northwestern University
Bill Harvey, Research Measurement Technologies
Jane Clarke, CIMM
Tony Pace, MASB

Emerging Issues Task Force

Joanna Seddon

History of Metrics for the Financial Valuation of Brands
Spotlight interview with Joanna Seddon of Joanna Seddon Brand Strategies

Margaret H. Blair Award for Marketing Accountability presentation

Due to the COVID-19 challenges, there will be no mandatory seat fee for the sessions. Participants are asked to make a voluntary donation to defray costs (suggested amount $100).

Videos from all summit sessions are posted on the YouTube MASB Channel.