Unique Opportunity for Marketing & Finance Partnerships

Marketing and finance professionals are working together internally on accountability initiatives and now have the forum to network and benchmark with other marketing and finance professionals across organizations.

The MASB 2013 Winter Board Meeting and Summit again highlighted this relationship, with charter members from Kimberly-Clark, ConAgra Foods, Hershey, General Motors, Frito-Lay and MillerCoors participating in the discussions. Following is what a few of them had to say:

“Right now, marketing lacks credibility because it’s quite subjective and the answers regarding ROI vary considerably depending on who’s providing the answers.”

“We’ve got to stop being so cute (complicated) at the C-level…we need simpler concepts and one metric, with more metrics at the different levels of causation.”

“I love that this is a marketing and finance partnership effort. I believe the two together is what it will take to truly make a difference.”

“This is the best way to work through the accountability issues”. “It is the right approach to resolving the Brand Health black boxes and frustrations.”

“We’re all facing similar challenges even though different business models. Here we have the right people, organizations, thinking, energy, passion and excitement to be successful.”