Winter Summit 2018 New Orleans

A. Welcome Announcements – Findley
B. Introductions and Charge – Stewart
C. Forbes CMO Marketing Accountability Report – Diorio
D. E. Benchmark Compentences CIR Project – Banks
F. Quantify Contribution of Brand/BIV Project – Findley
G. IFR & BES Projects – Stewart
H. Common Language Marketing Dictionary (CMD) Project – Farris
I. Respondent Sample Quality Panel – Findley
J. K. Digital Crossfire Panel – Pace
L. Finance in Marketing Course (FMC) Project – Bendle
L2. FMC Module 3/Customer Profitability Analysis
M. Call to Action – Pace
N. A (brief) History of New Orleans – Ticknor
O. CIR Breakout Session Summary
P. Sponsorship Accountability Metrics (SAM) Project Overview/Panel – Ebben
Q. ANA Sponsorship Measurement Survey – Duggan
R. MMAP Metric Catalog (MMC) Project – Ebben
R1. MMAP Audit Brand Embrace – BSL
R2. MMAP Audit CCPersuasion – MSWARS
S. Housekeeping – Findley