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MASB, the Marketing Accountability Standards Board, brings visionary marketers, top academics and leading measurement providers together to establish and advance accountable marketing practices that drive brand and business growth by linking marketing activities to financial outcomes. We draw on marketing accountability best practices to equip marketers with exceptional knowledge and resources. How accountable is your marketing?
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Resources for Marketing Academics & Professionals
MASB, the Marketing Accountability Standards Board, has assembled a wide array of research and educational resources available for improving business communication and linking marketing...
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Spring Summit Videos
If you missed the fascinating content from MASB Spring Summit on April 7, check out these two sessions. Karen Ebben and Mike Wokosin of...
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Ebben Celebrated as MASB Trailblazer
The Marketing Accountability Standards Board is celebrating marketing and advertising executive Karen Ebben with the Joseph Plummer MASB Trailblazer Award, announced by Joe Plummer...
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MASB Spring Summit: CMO Role, Brand Measurement & more
MASB Spring Summit 2022 happens April 7, 9 AM to 4 PM via Zoom. Request your invitation from Designing a Better CMO Role...
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Linking Marketing Actions to Financial Performance

Marketing accountability means linking marketing actions to financial performance in order to:

1) drive business growth through continuous improvement in Marketing ROI; and

2) enhance CMO effectiveness by proving the contribution of Marketing to enterprise value.

The MASB Mission

Establish marketing measurement and accountability standards across industry and domain for continuous improvement in financial performance and for the guidance and education of business decision-makers and users of performance and financial information.

Start your marketing accountability journey today!