Elevating the Role of the CMO

Marketing drives growth. It's the engine of the demand chain. It is marketing that CEOs need most, but respect least. Why? Because the CMO’s crucial role in driving growth has not been well demonstrated. The Marketing Accountability Standards Board is changing this, making marketing accountable by uniting the profession behind standards and principles which show how investment in marketing creates revenue and unleashes new sources of growth. We call on all of you to join us!
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June 26 Webinar: “Strategically Leveraging AI for ROI”
Artificial Intelligence (AI), Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) are the rage these days. They are disrupting businesses, upending business models, and shifting...
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Nominations Open for Blair Marketing Accountability Award
Margaret (Meg) Henderson Blair was a pioneer and innovator who made many contributions to the realm of marketing measurement and accountability, including co-founding MASB,...
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The Golden Ticket to Business Value Growth
In recognition of the inaugural World Brand Day, MASB CEO Joanna Seddon explains why financial brand valuation and evaluation as recommended by ISO standards...
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MASB Publishes Sponsorship Accountability Roadmap
Marketers’ use of sponsorships has evolved over the past decade or so. While sponsorship was once considered an activation tactic, it has become a...
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Linking Marketing Actions to Financial Performance

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB), brings together marketers, measurement and media providers, industry associations and business academics for the common goal of increasing the contribution of the marketing function through the development of accountable marketing standards and practices that drive business growth.

The MASB board is comprised of a chair and directors who are senior marketing scientists and finance professionals from constituent organizations who collectively represent diverse backgrounds, possess knowledge of marketing measurement and have concern for the marketing community as a whole.

The MASB Mission

Establish marketing measurement and accountability standards across industry and domain for continuous improvement in financial performance and for the guidance and education of business decision-makers and users of performance and financial information.

Contributing to Global Brand Standards

In 2016, MASB joined ANSI (American National Standards Institute) in order to represent the United States on Technical Committee 289 of the International Organization for Standardization. MASB members have leading roles in ISO-TC289 working groups that are developing a host of standards for valuing and evaluating brands as intangible assets.

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