Winter Summit 2019 San Diego

A. Welcome Day One
B. Introductions and Charge
C. Marketing Accountability: The Year Ahead
D. Customizing Sponsorship Assets to Maximize Marketer Return
E. Sponsorship Accountability Metrics Results
F. Sponsorship Case Study – Sponsorium PerforMind Financial Examples
G. Digital Accountability Findings & Panel Discussion
H. Blair Award for Marketing Accountability
I. The Strategic Role of Content Marketing & Measuring It
J. Member Spotlight: Bobby Calder
K. ISO TC289 – Brand Evaluation and Valuation
L. Brand Assessment Spotlight: Assessing The Power of the Brand In The Subconscious
M. Marketing Value Chain
O.P.Q. Marketing Metric Audit Protocol and MASB Certification Awards
N. CMO Spotlight: Steve Shannon
R. Common Language Marketing Dictionary Top Topics
S. Finance in Marketing Course
T. Continuous Improvement in Return Lite
U. Emerging Issues Readout
V. Brand Investment and Valuation & Improving Financial Reporting
W. Housekeeping
X1. Emerging Issues Task Force
X3. Welcome Day Two