Winter Summit 2020 | New York City

A. Welcome and Agenda Overview
B. Introductions and Charge
C. Spotlight Interview: Chris McDonough, LL Bean
D. Common Language Marketing Dictionary
E. ANA Brand Value Survey Report
F1. Emerging Issues Survey Results
F2. Spotlight Presentation – Making Marketing Work Better – C3 Metrics
G. Digital Accountability Panel
H. AI and the Magic Customer Creating Machine
I. MASB Best Practices Benchmarking – CIR Stories From the Field
J. Finance in Marketing Education Library
K. Sponsorship Accountability Guidance
L. Sports Sponsorship Panel – Iconic Events Generate Lasting Cultural Resonance
M. Brand Investment and Valuation & Financial Reporting of Customer & Brand
N. MMAP Metric Catalog Enhancements
P. ISO TC289 Global Standards For Brand Evaluation and Valuation
Q. Expanding the MASB Audience