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Finance in Marketing LibraryThe MASB Finance in Marketing Library is a free, educational resource for marketing practitioners, students and teachers. Marketing videos and publications by top marketers and marketing researchers focus on the role of finance in marketing and marketing accountability – linking marketing actions to financial performance.

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David W. Stewart, Loyola Marymount University Margaret Henderson Blair; MASB Kevin Keller, Dartmouth College Dominique Hanssens, UCLA David Reibstein, Wharton Stephen Diorio, Forbes CMO Paul Farris, University of Virginia Bobby Calder, Northwestern University L. Anthony Pace, MASB Neil Bendle, University of Georgia Mike Wokosin, University of Iowa Karen Ebben, Global Marketing Impact Allan R. Kuse, MMAP Center Ray Katz, Columbia University Dan McCarthy, Emory University Mansur Khamitov, Indiana University James Gregory, The Conference Board Frank Findley, MASB Henrik Christensen Joanna Seddon, Presciant T. Bettina Cornwell, University of Oregon Nikki Kyriakopoulus ○ Mansur Khamitov, Indiana University Venky Shankar, Texas A&M University Erich Decker-Hoppen, MASB

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