MASB Publishes Sponsorship Accountability Roadmap

Marketers’ use of sponsorships has evolved over the past decade or so. While sponsorship was once considered an activation tactic, it has become a strategy to influence specific kinds of consumers as brands support the sports, entertainment and causes important to those consumers. Yet for many sponsorship marketers, accountability based on the business impact of mid-funnel Return-On-Objectives (ROO) measures has remained elusive.

In the new publication, Sponsorship Accountability: A Roadmap for Sponsorship Marketing Success, MASB shares recommendations to improve the accountability of sponsorships and identifies practices that improve value, including a measurement approach that is independent, objective and marketer directed, along with guidance on mid-funnel ROO measures that make quantification attainable.

Topics include: strategy and brand fitbusiness case and contractual considerationsactivation & stewardshipmeasurementeSports, and Name, Likeness & Image (NIL).

The authors are Karen Ebben, Ray Katz, Frank Findley, Henrik Christensen, Mike Wokosin and the late Tony Pace, to whom the book is dedicated.

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