MASB Projects

MASB project teams include representatives of our member organizations plus MASB staff members working on issues prioritized by the directors. Project teams hold monthly virtual meetings and report their work at our bi-annual summits.



MASB Projects generally follow these stages:

I. Frame-Up (Emerging Issue Abstract)
II. Research
III. Review and Completion
IV. Education
V. Systematic Review Over Time

Initial projects were recommended by MASB Charter Members, influenced in part by feedback from C Level interviews. They have been prioritized according to MASB resources. Projects are added according to recommendations by, and consultation with, the MASB Advisory Council (MAC).

Prioritization is based on the following considerations:
• pervasiveness of the Issue
• alternative solutions
• technical feasibility
• practical consequences
• convergence possibilities
• cooperative opportunities
• resources

MASB work is organized into three overall categories: Standards, Research and Concepts.