Edgar Baum

BaumEdgar2A MASB Advisory Council member since 2015, Edgar Baum is a is a practitioner, thinker, and lecturer on brand measurement, evaluation and valuation. He is the CEO and Chief Brand Economist at Strata Insights, a financial brand measurement firm. He also lectures at the University of Toronto where he has developed a post-graduate course on The Finance of Brand Management. He also developed national financial and non-financial Brand KPI integration models while at P&G.

He is a vice-chair and committee co-lead for Global ISO/TC289 for Brand Evaluation and the Brand Reporting expert for the Licensing Executives Society response to the SEC request for enhancements to intangible reporting.

A graduate of the University of Toronto, Edgar is a speaker and lecturer on brand valuation, evaluation and measurement at institutions such as NYU-Stern, Hult Business School and Northwestern.

Edgar is co-lead of the Improving Financial Reporting Project team and a member of the Brand Investment & Valuation Project and Finance in Marketing Course Project teams.

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