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JAR: The Accountability Crisis In Advertising and Marketing – Self-Regulation and Deeper Metrics Are Needed to Survive the Digital Age • Stewart Dec 2019
LinkedIn: Marketing Return on Investment: Is Yours Accountable?  Taylor Aug 2019
Forbes: How Transparent Is Your Marketing Spend?  Diorio Apr 2019
Forbes: Government Oversight Won’t Make Marketing More Accountable  Diorio Oct 2018
Newswire: Kantar’s Meaningfully Different Framework Completes MASB Metric Audit  Jul 2018
Forbes: Marketing Accountability – A CEO Blueprint • Diorio Nov 2017
ANA:  Advertising Should Remain Short-Term Expense  Decker-Hoppen Feb 2017
CFO: Proposed Mega-Deal Underscores Flawed Accounting Rule  Sinclair/Blair Mar 2016
MSI: Marketing Return on Investment: Seeking Clarity for Concept and Measurement • Farris/Hanssens/Lenskold/Reibstein 2014
Corporate Finance Review: Putting Financial Discipline In Marketing  Stewart Oct 2006
ARF Re!Think: Measurement-Based Accountability Standards  Stewart Apr 2005
JAR: Better Practices in Advertising Can Change a Cost of Doing Business to Wise Investments in Business  Blair/Kuse 2004

Universal Marketing Dictionary

competition | inclusive marketing | marketing accountabilityMarketing Metric Audit Protocol


Terms of Competition

Terms like imperfect competition, competitive advantage and competitive strategy are illustrated and explained, with definitions from the popular Common Language Marketing Dictionary (, the definitive source for marketing terms and definitions.

Inclusive Marketing | Diverse Marketing

These terms are being used haphazardly, so the professors and practitioners of MASB’s Common Language in Marketing Project put forth this definition from to eliminate ambiguity.

Problems Accounting for Marketing

Neil Bendle, Associate Professor of Marketing at Ivey Business School [now at the University of Georgia], outlines the challenges faced when trying to account for marketing activities.

The Overlap of Marketing and Finance

Loyola Marymount University Professor David Stewart explains that marketing and finance are not independent functions within an organization. They are tightly entwined, and each needs to understand the other in order to succeed.

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