Summer Summit 2011 | Chicago

Aligning Marketing & Finance on Changing the Game with
“Generally Accepted Brand Investment & Valuation Standards”

August 11-12, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 9:00AM-5:30PM

Welcome & Charge | David Stewart, UCR

MASB Warm-Up | Dominique Hanssens, UCLA
(Summary of Key Learning, Challenges, and What’s Ahead)

Keynote on Brand Value:

Why Brand Value Matters (Q&A) | CMO Panel led by Bob Liodice, ANA
(Fritz Johnston, Boeing; Arun Sinha, Zurich;
Josh Feldmeth, Interbrand; Carolyn Crafts,

Investing in and Valuing Brands | Stewart

Rationale & Proposed Principles for “Brand Valuation” (Q&A)
| Roger Sinclair, Prophet
How Do Our Current Measures of “Brand Strength” Fit Principles?
| Marketers
The MASB Brand Investment & Valuation Project/Status

Summary & Call-To-Action | Meg Blair, MAF/MASB

Keynote on Financial Reporting:

Brand from Investor Side (Q&A) | Wendy Pirie, CFA Institute

The Balance Sheet Controversy | Jim Gregory, CoreBrand

Balance Sheet not the Solution | Marc Fischer, University of Cologne
Balance Sheet Concerns | Michael Palmer, ANA
Brands on the Balance Sheet: Is There a Choice? | Sinclair
What do we need to do to be prepared? | General Discussion

The MASB Advisory Council – MAC | Hanssens

Friday, August 12, 9:00AM-Noon

Other Projects Underway (Overview, Status, Discussion):

Measuring Return from Interactive | E. Craig Stacey, Stern
Common Language Wiki | Carl Spaulding, Nielsen
MASB Metrics Catalogue (MMAP) | Allan Kuse, MMAP Center
CoreBrand | Tim Robinson, CoreBrand
Measuring Return for CPG w/CLV | Rick Abens, Foresight

Feedback, Housekeeping, Announcements & Adjourn