Winter Summit 2011 | Austin


Marketing & Finance Are Aligned:  
Moving Forward to Change the Game
February 17-18, 2011


Thursday, February 17, 9:00AM-5:30PM

Welcome, Introduction & Charge | Stewart, UCR

The First 3 Years: Start-Up | Hanssens, UCLA

The Next 3 Years: Changing the Game | Reibstein, Wharton

Key Note Addresses: 

The Need for Brand Valuation Standards | Liodice, ANA

ISO 10668 Brand Valuation | Scholz, ISO

Summary & Call to Action | Blair, MAF/MASB

Game Changer:
Brand Investment Model & Displine | Batra, U of Michigan; Stewart, UCR

Game Changer:
FASB/MASB Partnership for Aligning GAAP/MMAP | Winer, Stern; Allen, Darden

What Is Known | Allen, Darden

FASB Research Initiative | Bloomfield, FASRI

Another “Big Cost/Activity” for MASB Consideration | Allen, Darden


Friday, February 18, 9:00AM-Noon

Other Projects Underway (Overview, Status, Discussion):

Common Language Wiki | Farris, Darden

MASB Metrics Catalogue (MMAP) | Kuse, The MMAP Center

Measuring Return for CPG w/CLV | Abens, Foresight ROI 

Measuring Return from Interactive | Stacey, Stern

Feedback, Housekeeping, Announcements & Adjourn