Winter Summit 2014 | Orlando

Applying the Science of Measurement &
Process Management to the Art of Marketing

Thursday, February 20, 9:00AM-5:30PM

Welcome & Announcements | Allan Kuse, MMAP Center

Introduction & Charge | MASB Chair David Stewart, LMU

Marketer Panel | Jamie Richardson, Kimberly-Clark; Jim Meier, MillerCoors

Where Marketing Stands, Part 1: Earl Taylor, MSI; David Reibstein, Wharton

Where Marketing Stands, Part 2: Greg Banks, Deloitte; Meg Blair, MAF

Keynote: Lessons Learned From TQM | Nelson Fraiman, Columbia University

Update on Methods of Brand Valuation | Marc Fischer, University of Cologne

Brand Investment And Valuation Project | Mike Hess, Nielsen

Improving Financial Reporting Project | Jim Gregory, CoreBrand

IFR Keynote Panel: How Important the Improvement; How to Accelerate It |
Esther Mills, APP; Sandy Peters, CFAI; Jennifer Hillenmeyer, FASB;
Kunal Kahara & Justin Nash, BlackRock; Michael Moore, LMU

Summary & Call to Action | Blair

About Disney | Bernie Bullard, Disney (retired)

Advisory Council Meeting | Stewart

Friday, February 21, 9:00AM-Noon

MASB Metrics Catalogue | Pam Forbus, Frito-Lay

Common Language IA Closed Platform | Nancy Costopulos, AMA

Measuring Return for CPG w/CLV | Leslie Wood, Nielsen Catalina

MASB MarCom | Arthur Tharpe, ANA

Measuring Return from On-line/Interactive | Craig Stacey, Stern

The MASB Book I | Stewart

Housekeeping, Announcements & Adjourn