Winter Summit 2015 | San Antonio

The Marketing Accountability Journey: Marketing & Finance
Applying the Science of Measurement & Process Management
Under Umbrella of Appropriate Governance,
for Continuous Improvement in Financial Performance

Thursday, February 12, 9:00AM–5:30PM

Welcome & Announcements | Allan Kuse, MMAP Center

Introduction & Charge | David Stewart, LMU

New Marketing & Finance “Pairs” Panel | Jim Meier, MillerCoors

Academic Perspective: Defining Marketing ROI | Dominique Hanssens, UCLA

Accountability Journey: CIR Project | Greg Banks, Maddock Douglas

Keynote: The CMO’s Role in the Accountability Journey | Pam Forbus, PepsiCo

Marketer Member Panel on the Journey | Jamie Richardson, Kimberly-Clark

BIV Project | Stewart, LMU; Frank Findley, MSW•ARS; Jonathan Short, PepsiCo

Improving Financial Reporting Project | Jim Gregory, Tenet; Michael Moore, LMU

Keynote: The International Valuation Standards Council | Steve Sherman, IVSC

Summary & Call to Action | Meg Blair, MAF/MASB

Things We Still Get Wrong About the Alamo | Bill Groneman, Alamo Society

Advisory Council Meeting

Friday, February 13, 9:00AM–Noon

Inaugural Marketer Member Breakfast

Measuring CPG Return w/CLV | Leslie Wood and Andrew Faehnle, NCS

Keynote: Accounting for Digital & Sponsorship in MMM | Jeff Long, MillerCoors

Measuring Return from On-line/Interactive | Craig Stacey, Stern

Common Language IA Platform | Paul Farris, Darden

MASB Metrics Catalogue | Karen Ebben, General Motors

MASB MarCom | Arthur Tharpe, ANA

The MASB Book I | Craig Gugel, Gugelplex TV

Housekeeping, Announcements & Adjourn