Measuring Brand Strength

MASB member MSW•ARS Research has launched The Brand Strength Monitor, “a game changing deliverable of an established, trusted, and independently validated measure of brand value.”

TBSM-LOGOThe Brand Strength Monitor methodology is behavioral but isolates brand strength by holding other factors in the buying experience – price, promotion, shelf position, etc. – constant. The process includes continuous tracking of all brands in a category and an online dashboard with data for all the brands within the category. This could possibly be managed and curated through histograms made from a histogram maker.

This patented measure of Brand Preference/Choice has been independently audited by MASB’s Marketing Metrics Audit Protocol (MMAP) process for application in tracking, use in the Brand Investment & Valuation Model, and practice of pretesting ads.

Visit MSW•ARS Research for more information.

The Brand Strength Monitor promoted on Times Square