MMAP Endorsements

“Given the rigor that went into its development and validation, we were very comfortable taking the Meaningfully Different Framework through the third-party MMAP vetting process, where the tool was thoroughly evaluated against 10 criteria for ideal metrics, including relevance/actionability, predictive validity, sensitivity, simplicity, and transparency. We were impressed with MASB’s diligence during this audit process, and we are proud to have completed the review and accreditation process.”
Christopher Murphy, Chief Client Officer, Kantar Millward Brown, North America

“For the Behavioral Science Lab, the MMAP process for BrandEmbrace(R) demonstrated the validity, reliability, sensitivity and calibration of the metric in predicting preference and choice and confirmed its value and utility to our clients and prospects.”
Tim Gohmann, Ph.D. | Co-founder & Chief Science Officer

“MSW●ARS Research has been a proud participant in MASB’s efforts to serve as an independent governing body for the marketing and finance interests in the industry. We were very pleased that our patented measure of Brand Preference has been independently reviewed and deemed an exemplar measure by MASB and verified for use within their Brand Investment and Valuation Model.”

“The role of MASB is setting the standards for evaluating marketing measures as they relate to financial outcomes, in a manner that insures credibility, validity, transparency and understanding. It is gratifying to receive affirmation of CoreBrand’s 20 years of original, proprietary research into understanding how the investment in corporate brands connects to financial performance. CoreBrand takes a very pragmatic approach to this work and offers tools to help companies get the maximum return on their marketing investment by measuring, managing and growing brand value over time.”
James Gregory, Chief Executive Officer, CoreBrand

“The MMAP validation and causality audit verified something that we’ve known for quite some time — that there is value in building and maintaining strong brands — value that can be quantitatively measured. MASB is leading the charge to help the market understand this connection and to ensure that marketers get the credit they deserve in creating corporate value. The MMAP process was very detailed, but not onerous. The MASB team was respectful of our time and truly sought to understand our measures and approach. They asked some very insightful questions about our valuation model processes, enabling them to clearly understand our methodology.”
Timothy Robinson, Managing Director, CoreBrand

“More than ever, companies need sales forecasting that’s trusted and reliable. That’s why we’re excited to announce that our BASES forecasting model recently underwent the Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB) Marketing Metrics Audit Protocol, becoming the first and only forecasting model in the industry to undergo this accountability standard.
“This audit—developed by MASB, an independent, cross-industry forum—has been recognized by the industry as the protocol and standard of measurement and accountability for all companies who connect marketing metrics to financial performance. MASB members include scholars from the nations’ top business schools as well as senior marketing, finance and analytics executives from Fortune 500 companies…
“Innovations require substantial capital investments for production and for marketing and you need very precise forecasts to make sure you will inevitably get the pay back you expect,” said Randall Beard, president of Nielsen’s Global Innovation practice. “Nielsen’s forecasts help companies establish an objective, independent way for all stakeholders to align and agree on the opportunity at hand, while giving marketers some early indication data to build a successful sell-in story for the trade. We’re honored to receive this distinguished recognition.”
Nielsen Research News Center 06/13/2016

“We thought it was important to take Link through the MMAP vetting process, where the tool was rigorously evaluated against 10 criteria for ideal metrics – including relevance, predictive validity, sensitivity, simplicity, and transparency. Marketing and Insights leaders are continuously challenged to do more with less, while proving ROI with each marketing dollar. Link provides the most comprehensive tool to assess, predict and optimize advertising performance so that marketers can invest with confidence. We were delighted to work with MASB through this audit process and are proud to have completed the review.”
Christopher Murphy, Chief Client Officer, Kantar Millward Brown, North America