Brand Investment & Valuation Project Enters Phase II

Brand represents great value, but how can brand value be monetized? This critical question was answered by the first phase of the Brand Investment & Valuation Project (BIV), which built bridges from a highly predictive customer metric (Brand Preference/Choice) to market impact metrics and to financial outcome metrics…empirically.

brand valuation model
Phase 2: Identifying internal drivers of brand preference

Through an 18-month trial tracking over 100 brands, Brand Preference/Choice (BP/C) was found to correspond with Market Share at the r=.88 level by itself and at the r=.94 level when taking relative price and distribution into account.

The outcome was an empirically proven model for brand value & guiding investment decisions. (see BIV PROJECT PHASE I.)

The project has now entered its second phase:

Identifying the drivers of Brand Preference/Choice in order to improve brand value and financial return.