MASB Book: Marketing Accountable in Finance Terms

Book-listing“Marketing has a long history of attention to measurement and the creation of metrics, yet most of the metrics used to assess the outcomes of marketing activities are tactical and not directly linked to the overall financial performance of the firm. It is critical that measures of return on marketing investment be firmly grounded in the business model of the firm to provide decision makers with information and direction regarding economic and financial outcomes.”

Accountable Marketing: Linking marketing actions to financial performance; Edited by David W Stewart & Craig Gugel, © 2016 – Routledge


We are delighted to announce that MASB’s first book is slated for publication February 24, 2016, and is available for pre-ordering NOW!

This book sets the stage for new working relations between Finance and Marketing. It also relates how fundamental change was initiated in the business community through collaboration across industry lines, resulting in the formation of the Marketing Accountability Foundation and Marketing Accountability Standards Board.

Accountable Marketing is a must-read for CMOs and CFOs ready to link marketing actions to financial performance.