Brand Preference Drivers Identified

Last year, Frank Findley presented Brand Investment & Valuation Project Phase I at the ARF ReThink Conference. On Mar. 8, Frank presented BIV Phase II: Establishing Drivers of Brand Preference/Choice in an ARF webcast.

The question being answered is: “What marketing/advertising drivers can be identified to continuously improve consumer brand preference and thus improve financial impact and,  ultimately, brand values?”

Using a detailed review of proven practices for driving television ROI,  123 evidence-based findings on the impact of multiple types of marketing activities, and a recent industry collaboration led by ARF yielding new media “Ground Truths,” the BIV Project Team identified 16 principles for growing brand value, covering promotion, product, placement and price. Practice implications for each principal are also included. For example:

Principle 11. Advertising across platforms (especially TV and digital) delivers larger changes in brand preference and reach resulting in higher ROI.

Practice Implication: Advertisers should invest in multiple platforms instead of shifting media dollars from one platform to another.

According to Findley, the work is continuing and other principles may be added. A white paper is planned for the near future. The presentation deck is available at Presentations & Publications.