Fall Summit Revisited

Catch up on the conversations at MASB Fall Summit 2021, Nov. 11 at the Union League Club in Manhattan and via Zoom.

CMO Role, Deliverables and Tenure

MASB President/CEO Tony Pace discusses the evolving role of Chief Marketing Officer with Stephen Diorio of The Revenue Enablement Institute.

Sponsorship Accountability Panel: Name, Image, Likeness and INFLUENCE

MASB President/CEO Tony Pace talks college sports sponsorship with Michael Zoerb of Opendorse and Ray Katz of Collegiate Sports Management Group at MASB Fall Summit 2021 in New York City. What are the “early returns” on NIL+I? Is there a first mover advantage? What is the value of female athletes as influencers?

Digital Marketing Accountability Project – Targeting Without Cookies

MASB Digital Marketing Accountability Project members Frank Findley, Joe Plummer and Kelly Barrett explore digital targeting in light of the upcoming phase-out of third party cookies and the need to better understand the quality and integrity of targeting data overall.

MASB Spring Summit 2022 is tentatively scheduled for April 7, 2022. Location TBD. If you’re interested in attending, join our mail list!