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Common Language Marketing Dictionary

brand valuation |   brand evaluation  |  Financial Value of Brand (FVB)  |  ISO 10668 Brand Valuation


Brand Valuation or Brand Evaluation: What’s the Difference?

MASB Director of Communication Erich Decker-Hoppen uses the Common Language Marketing Dictionary to define the two terms behind the ISO’s global brand standards – and introduces a new, improved term for one of them.

A Practitioner’s View of Brand Valuation

Joanna Seddon, former President of Global Brand Consulting at Ogilvy and Chair of the AMA Marketing Hall of Fame, discusses how brand creates value and offers a new way of looking at the financial valuation of brands.

Accounting for Brands

Dartmouth College Marketing professor Kevin Lane Keller discusses “The Moribund Effect,” a financial accounting issue that makes it difficult to evaluate acquired brands.

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