Financial Value of Brands Imperative Now in Print!

The MASB paper, The Financial Value of Brands Imperative: Why Brands Must Be Valued in Financial Terms, is now available in print as well as digital form.

Despite the obvious connection between marketing activities and the meeting of long-term monetary goals, the Financial Value of Brands is not systemically monitored or analyzed in most organizations. To fill this gap, authors Tony Pace, Jim Meier, Frank Findley and Vithala Rao recommend that brand-centric enterprises develop an internal methodology to annually measure, explain, and report the Financial Value of Brands to the executive level, even in the absence of any external regulatory or accounting requirements.

Regular measurement and analysis of FVB advantages the practice of marketing by demonstrating the material contribution of brands to the overall value of the enterprise. The FVB process is not merely an accounting or academic exercise. It can and must be used as a management decision-making tool with the end goal of enhancing enterprise value.

Includes summaries of valuation services provided by several leading measurement providers. 

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