Hitting the Ground Running in 2024!

MASB CEO Joanna Seddon
MASB CEO Joanna Seddon

MASB is gaining traction. We started 2023 with new one-year, two-year and five-year strategic plans. They are ambitious, including:

  • new thought leadership research initiatives on the topics of most importance to the marketing industry
  • creating new forums for interaction – conferences, webinars and videos
  • growing our management team
  • going more international
  • exponentially increasing awareness of who we are and what we do
  • greatly expanding our membership!

The foundations are in place. We’re set up to hit the ground running in 2024. We have launched five new initiatives, voted on as most important to their members by the CEOs of the ten top marketing associations who participate in our Strategic Alliance:

  • Measuring Creativity
  • Marketing Organization
  • Making Big Data Useful
  • Targeting Accountability
  • Demonstrating the Financial Impact of Investment in Brand and Marketing

We have powered ahead with our existing core projects, most notably the Financial Value of Brands Project. Team members Jim Meier and Frank Findley have created tremendous recognition through their series of articles on the Bud Light debacle – now a MASB white paper; the Sponsorship Accountability Metrics Project, which is preparing a book for publication, and the Universal Marketing Dictionary, which is now the cited source of choice on everything to do with marketing on Google.

We signed up new members, including Johnson & Johnson, Proof Analytics, Texas A&M University and Samford University – and soon we will have some very exciting announcements as we kick off our Membership & Media Campaign.

More leading brands and measurement agencies have committed to join in 2024. We had a stellar summit at Marquette University which had an unparalleled level of discussion on key marketing measurement and accountability topics. We have launched a new Financial Value of Brands online video series, and have a roster of presenters aligned for a new webinar series. We have expanded our team with the addition of Lee Hornick, our Director of Membership. We have more international participants, ranging from the IPA in London, to leading business schools in Germany and Australia.

I am always impatient, wish we could move faster, but this is a great beginning. We need help from everyone and ask you all to work with us!

Joanna Seddon