Winter Summit 2008 | Islamorada

MASB Projects and Emerging Issues
March 13 & 14, 2008
at The MMAP Center

Thursday, March 13, 9:00AM–5:00PM

Welcome, Intro, Announcements | Stewart, UCR

CFO Outreach: What the CFO Has/Needs | Plummer, Columbia

TV Impact: Measuring According to MMAP | Blair, MAF/MASB

Roadmap to Customer Lifetime Value for CPG | Abens, ConAgra

Long-Term Impact: Measurement and Findings | Hanssens, UCLA

Mobile Marketing | Manzitti, DMA

Measuring Across Media | Whiteman, USPS

Metrics for Accountability Across Media | Charyk, Integration

On-Line: Defining the Challenges/MASB Role | Chakraborty, Nielsen TMG

Friday, March 14, 9:00AM–Noon

Marketing Activities & Metrics: The Catalogue | Sirkin, Starcom MediaVest

Common Language/Integrated Information | Spaulding, Nielsen

MASB Plan Review | Blair