“The Digital Twin Revolution” at March 6 MASB Summit

Nobuyuki Fukawa
Nobuyuki Fukawa

The connection between the digital twin and related technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning will be examined at MASB Winter Summit 2024, a virtual event happening March 6. In his presentation, The Digital Twin Revolution: Enhancing Customer Experience with AI and ML, Nobuyuki Fukawa, Associate Professor of Marketing at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, will illustrate how the digital twin is applied for enhancing not only upstream activities – managing supply chain – but also downstream activities – enhancing customer experience.

A growing number of firms are seeking to leverage emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and 3D printing to enhance their innovation efforts. These seemingly distinct technologies are currently coalescing into an encompassing new technology called the “digital twin.” This technology allows innovative firms to create a digital replica of a physical entity that evolves over its life cycle.

“I hope that our examination of the digital twin serves as a catalyst to advance marketing thought and practice in relation to AI and ML,” Fukawa said.

Fukawa earned his Master of Marketing Research from the Coca-Cola Center for Marketing Studies at University of Georgia, and PhD in Business Administration (Marketing) from Louisiana State University. Prior to his academic career, he worked in sales and marketing at Dell Japan and Coca-Cola Company, Japan. His latest research focuses on managerial issues on technology and innovation in marketing, such as AI, digital twin, and blockchain.

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