The Long-Term Impact of Advertising

Long-Term Impact of AdvThe focus of most measures of marketing’s impact on sales is “short term.” Measurement and analyses that consider only short-term impact may put advertising at an unrealistic disadvantage when allocating marketing resources to maximize long-run profitability.

In advance of its Summer Summit in Chicago next week, MASB is releasing to the public for the first time the influential white paper, “What is Known About the Long-Term Impact of Advertising,” by Dominique Hanssens, PhD, founding MASB director and Bud Knapp Distinguished Professor of Marketing at the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

To help improve fact-based marketing resource allocation through better understanding of the short- and long-term impact of advertising, this paper:

  • reviews what is known about the short- and long-term impact of advertising
  • illustrates the findings with practitioner examples, and
  • provides clear direction for business application and improving financial return

The role of MASB is setting the standards and processes necessary for evaluating marketing measures as they relate to financial outcomes, exemplifying how to recognize ideal measures according to the Marketing Metrics Audit Protocol (MMAP), and delving into the practices underlying the development and management of these measures.