BrandEmbrace Metric Successfully Completes MASB Audit

BrandEmbrace® Expected Utility Metric Shown To Be a Valid, Reliable, Sensitive and Calibrated Predictor of Brand Preference

BrandEmbrace®, a behavioral economics metric provided by Behavioral Science Lab, LLC (BSL) has completed the Marketing Metric Audit Protocol (MMAP), the formal process for validating the relationship between a marketing measurement and financial performance provided by the Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB). BrandEmbrace® consists of qualitative and quantitative methodologies delivering driver diagnostics and a measure of Expected Utility motivating brand purchase.

According to Tony Pace, MASB President and CEO, “BrandEmbrace is the first metric assessed that has a qualitative component explaining brand preferences. This is a potentially valuable new option for marketers to understand their categories and discover motivating selling propositions.”

Frank Findley, MASB Executive Director and Chief Advisor to the MMAP Center, noted that the MMAP audit is the only independent, completely objective assessment for the validity of a marketing metric. “BrandEmbrace, by successfully addressing the MMAP set of empirical evaluation protocols, has entered an elite group of metrics with proven ties to financial outcomes.”

Christian Goy, BSL Co-founder and Managing Director, praised the rigor of the MMAP process and commented, “We are delighted that the MASB audit has confirmed the value of our metric as experienced by our clients in predicting and managing brand switching, loyalty and share change.”

Commenting on what drove BSL to develop BrandEmbrace, Tim Gohmann, Co-founder and Chief Science Officer and Ron Mundy, Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer reflected, “When developing BrandEmbrace, we had only one goal — to model how and why humans make decisions without allowing our own biases to degrade our understanding.”

About BrandEmbrace

BrandEmbrace® is a proprietary behavioral economics metric provided by Behavioral Science Lab. It reflects the degree to which a brand choice satisfies the buyer’s expectation of Utility for that class of product or service. BrandEmbrace has been successfully used to manage brand demand across a wide range of consumer and B2B products, services and choice alternatives.

About Behavioral Science Lab, LLC

Behavioral Science Lab is an independent behavioral economics consulting firm providing BrandEmbrace® and related diagnostic and instructional services to clients globally. For more information and public domain examples of BrandEmbrace, visit or email