2017: The Year in Marketing Accountability

MASB broadened its scope in 2017, beginning with a new look that illustrates our focus on bringing Finance, Analytics and Marketing together to chart the course to business growth. As the research arm of the new Forbes Marketing Accountability Initiative powered by MASB, we are helping CMOs and the marketing industry communicate the contribution of marketing to enterprise value and identify common-sense ways to improve marketing accountability. This year’s accomplishments were many:


Monthly users of the Common Language Marketing Dictionary are regularly exceeding 10,000, making it the definitive source for marketing definitions. Marketing professors are encouraged to link to this amazing resource in their course materials. Take the Marketing Term of the Week quiz on LinkedIn and Twitter!


The Sponsorship Accountability Metrics Project was launched to determine sponsorship contribution to brand and business.


Television’s Brand Building Power – from GRPs to PRPs (Findley, Johnson, Crang)  Is television as effective as it was in the 1980s? Or has its role diminished to the point of non-viability? How does it compare to other media platform options?

Applying the Brand Investment & Valuation Model – (Meier, Findley, Stewart) How to deploy the MASB Brand Investment & Valuation (BIV) Model, a practical approach for monitoring the value of commercial brands. [Members only release]


Neil Bendle in ACCA Global:  The Knotty Problem of Brand Valuation
MASB Positioning Statement:  Why is Brand Missing from Boardroom Discussions?
Erich Decker-Hoppen in ANA Marketing Maestros:  Advertising Should Remain Short-Term Expense
Kevin Lane Keller and the late Roger Sinclair in the Journal of Brand Management:  Brand value, accounting standards, and mergers and acquisitions: “The Moribund Effect”


MASB Executive Director Frank Findley was featured on the ARF Webcast Establishing Drivers of Brand Preference/Choice.

Findley and MASB Director Kelly Johnson of ESPN presented Television’s Brand Building Power: From GRPs to PRPs at ARF Audience Measurement.

Winter Summit 2017 in Orlando featured Tina Moffett of Forrester on Winning in the Connected World: Aligning Finance and Marketing, WendyJean Bennett of Tyson on Continuous Improvement in Return Best Practice Company, and Jason Wadler of Leapfrog on Digital Marketing Best Practices.

Summer Summit 2017 in Boston celebrated MASB’s 10 Year Anniversary and featured presentations by Jennifer Barron of Deloitte on Bringing Brand into the Boardroom, ESPN’s Kelly Johnson on Cross Platform Effectiveness. MASB President & CEO Tony Pace led the Marketing-Analytics-Finance Working Together Panel and MASB Director Jim Meier of MillerCoors led the Status on CIR Assessment Panel.

MASB Advisory Council Chair Neil Bendle gave the MILE Talk webcast: Marketing is Poorly Measured; You Can Help Change That to Saudi Arabia’s Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

The Forbes Marketing Accountability Initiative powered by MASB hosted the workshop How Marketers Drive Growth with leading CMOs, academics and experts discussing the growing importance, complexity and contribution of marketing. Tony Pace led a discussion on emerging issues in marketing accountability.



Winter Summit 2018 • Feb 22-23 • New Orleans
Summer Summit 2018 • Aug 9-10 • Boston



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