WS2020 Presentations

Thank you for attending MASB Winter Summit 2020. Presentation decks will be available after the event on this page for one month. After that, MASB members will have access at PAST SUMMITS.

A. Welcome and Agenda Overview
B. Introductions and Charge
C. Spotlight Interview: Chris McDonough, LL Bean
D. Common Language Marketing Dictionary
E. ANA Brand Value Survey Report
F1. Emerging Issues Survey Results
F2. Spotlight Presentation – Making Marketing Work Better – C3 Metrics
G. Digital Accountability Panel
H. AI and the Magic Customer Creating Machine
I. MASB Best Practices Benchmarking – CIR Stories From the Field
J. Finance in Marketing Education Library
K. Sponsorship Accountability Guidance
L. Sports Sponsorship Panel – Iconic Events Generate Lasting Cultural Resonance
M. Brand Investment and Valuation & Financial Reporting of Customer & Brand
N. MMAP Metric Catalog Enhancements
P. ISO TC289 Global Standards For Brand Evaluation and Valuation
Q. Expanding the MASB Audience