Summer Summit 2017 Presentations

Thank you for attending MASB Summer Summit 2017! These presentation decks will be available to all attendees on this page through Sept 15.

MASB members will have unlimited access from the MASB Summit Presentations page.

A. Welcome Announcements
B. Introductions and Charge
C1. Ebben Retirement
C2. MASB Vision

D. Marketing-Analytics-Finance Working Together Panel [release pending]

E. Continuous Improvement in Return (CIR) Project Update
F. Status on CIR Assessment Panel
G. KEYNOTE: Bringing Brand into the Boardroom
H. Improving Financial Reporting (IFR) Project Update
I. Brands as Percent of Market Cap

J. Brand Investment & Valuation (BIV) Project Update [release pending]

K. Brand Evaluation Standards (BES) Project Update
L. Brand Valuation NOT a Taxation Issue
M. Finance in Marketing Course (FMC) Project Update
N. The New ARF
O. Summary
P. Boston History
Q. ESPN Cross Platform Effectiveness
R. Social Media
S. MMAP Metric Catalog (MMC) Project Update
T. MASB & Media Ratings Council – Leveraging Audit Resources
U. Measuring Word of Mouth and Predicting Business Outcomes
V. Common Language Marketing Dictionary (CMD) Project Update
W. Housekeeping