The Influence of Brands on Enterprise Value

In Part Two of the Financial Value of Brands video series, Joanna Seddon, Managing Partner at Presciant, discusses The Influence of Brands on Enterprise Value and illustrates how brands –through the future stream of cash flows – can be a primary driver of value for a business. She also makes a powerful case for elevating the role of the CMO.

In June 2021, MASB issued the landmark publication, The Financial Value of Brands Imperative: Why Brands Must be Valued in Financial Terms. This video series further promotes the recommendation that “brand-centric enterprises develop an internal methodology to annually measure, explain and report the Financial Value of Brands to the executive level, even in the absence of any external regulatory or accounting requirements.”

Many specific topics will be covered in this series by guest presenters including:

  • the increasingly obvious influence of brands on enterprise value
  • the evolving landscape of Brand Value disclosures
  • customer franchise strength
  • using brand preference in your brand evaluations
  • addressing objections to implementing a Brand Value measurement methodology
  • … and much more!

Stay tuned to the MASB Channel!