Wise Words from a Marketing Measurement Master

MASB Chair Dave Stewart and former MASB Executive Director Allan Kuse have collected the key works of MASB co-founder and advertising R&D pioneer Margaret (Meg) Henderson Blair in a book published by Cambridge Scholars.

Over five decades, Blair conducted research and advised advertisers regarding how to create and identify effective advertising. She demonstrated how to make advertising media expenditures “work” by identifying effective advertising messages and by accounting for the interaction between media scheduling and message content in advertising planning. The wisdom and empirical findings developed by Meg and her colleagues are treasures that should not be lost. The purpose of this book is to assure that these treasures are not lost.

The papers compiled include:

  • An Empirical Investigation of Advertising Wearin and Wearout
  • Advertising in a New Competitive Environment: Persuading Customers to Buy
  • Getting Your Money’s Worth: Measuring and Managing the Impact and Effectiveness of Your Advertising Campaign
  • Advertising: Today’s Sale or Brand Building for Tomorrow?

and many more!

Master of Marketing Measurement: Margaret Henderson Blair on Marketing Accountability can be ordered directly from Cambridge Scholars. (Amazon is currently listing it as out of stock)