Summer Summit 23 Temporary Access

Thank you for participating in MASB Summer Summit 2023 and thanks again to Marquette University College of Business Administration for hosting the event! Summit decks will be available to all attendees through September 10, 2023. MASB members have unlimited access through PAST SUMMITS.

Summit videos will be posted to The MASB Channel. For upcoming summit info, JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST!

A. Starting Announcements
B. Welcome & Agenda Overview
C. Marquette College of Business Administration Overview
D. Breaking Ground with New Initiatives
E. Fireside Chat with Mark Stouse & Joanna Seddon
F. Sponsorship Accountability: The Power of Synergy
G. Universal Marketing Dictionary Trends
H. Insights from Unstructured (Big Data) [.zip file]*
I. Avasta: Summary of ICB Standard
J. Opportunity Cost & Sustainability
K. Blair Award VIDEO
N. Measuring Creativity Initiative
O. The Truth About Brand Boycotts
P. Economic Value of Marketing

*  download .zip file, then open the .pdf, PRESENTATION Insights from Unstructured (Big) Data.