In Memoriam

Margaret Henderson Blair
Meg Blair

It is with great sorrow that we announce the unexpected passing of our leader and driving force, Margaret (Meg) Henderson Blair.

For the past year, she has served as Chair of the Marketing Accountability Foundation following ten years as Founding President and CEO of MASB.

Although many were involved in forming the Marketing Accountability Standards Board, Meg has been the linchpin. It now falls to the rest of us to advance the mission and realize her vision of a more accountable marketing realm to the benefit of all who operate in it.

She will be dearly missed, but she will continue to inspire.


Leave your remembrances and tributes in the Comment area below, and we will share them with her family and loved ones.



  1. I came to know Meg in the early 1980’s while I was an assistant professor at Vanderbilt. She was a friend and mentor. I will will miss her and MASB has suffered a great loss. Meg was one of a handful of industry leaders who understood the importance of measurement and who advanced best practices associated with the development and use of reliable and valid measures. Her contributions will live on.

  2. I admire Meg for many reasons, including her focus and perseverance. When Meg set her mind on achieving something, you could be sure it would be achieved. I’ll miss her very much.

  3. Meg inspired people. She was a trailblazer that created one of the true marketing standards in the industry with ARS. Meg was kind and tough, generous and ambitious, a thought leader and passionate about everything she did. She took on a tough job with MASB and helped make it the great institution it is today, then had the foresight to know she had to turn it over to new, different leaders. Meg was my friend and I will miss her.

  4. Meg was, without a doubt, the person I learned the most from in my career. Her understanding of data collection methodology, inferential statistics, psychometrics, presentation and use of results exceeded all others with whom I’ve worked. Perhaps more important, Meg’s commitment to doing what was right exceeded the highest of ethical and moral standards. She was a shining light in a marketing world often characterized by “smoke and mirrors.” Never did she put herself “ahead” of the data, or promote her own ego in lieu of what the data conveyed. She was always courageous in communicating the truth with little regard for what others would think of her, her only reward being the complete honesty and integrity with which she conducted her professional and personal life.

    She will be a model for me and for all researchers who will judge our actions by asking “What would Meg do?”

  5. Meg was an inspirational pioneer, passionate about MASB, delivering Marketing truths and elevating the profession of Marketing. Her willingness to tackle even the toughest of issues was enhanced by her intellectual curiosity and her eagerness to collaborate and mentor.
    She was a remarkable pioneer that forged strong personal and professional relationships. I will miss Meg’s leadership and wise counsel, as will my fellow MASB members.

  6. I only met Meg a couple of years ago. She struck me as a remarkably well-rounded, one-of-a-kind person in her professional and personal life. She was passionately “all in” when it came to whatever she was doing, whether it was her remarkably generous commitment to the MASB cause, her fantastic mentoring skills, or her devotion to fishing and Harleys, to name just a few examples. She was a force of nature who was a wonderful example for us all of how to live life to the fullest. I am so sorry that we have lost her, but so appreciative that I had the privilege to get to know her.

  7. I’m very saddened to hear this news. Meg was a great researcher, leader, motivator, professional, & mentor… but above all, she was a great person.

  8. Meg was one of the best and brightest people that I have ever worked with in the market research business. I first met her several years ago at an Advertising Research Foundation Conference. When she visited the ARF in 2009 and recommended that we get involved with MASB, I was eager to join the organization as a board member. Her knowledge of the business, her sense of humor, and personality will certainly be missed.

  9. We were all very saddened to hear of Meg’s sudden and untimely death. She was an inspirational and great leader of the marketing accountability world. She was a force of nature and will leave a big gap behind.

    I am only sorry I was not able to make it to MASB recently but it gave others from BF the chance to meet her.

    We would all like to express our condolences to all Meg’s many friends and colleagues.

  10. Meg’s dedication and leadership were truly inspirational. I’m grateful to have had a couple of years to learn from her.

  11. I first met Meg some time ago when the Marketing Science Institute was involved in the original Boardroom Project that evolved into to MASB. Over the years I came to really appreciate the role she played in the research industry promoting best standards for marketing accountability and her unique combination of focus, drive, example and humor that made her the inspirational leader she was. We shall not see her like again.

  12. Meg was the rare person who refused to countenance a loss of momentum, either for herself or those working with her. She was a continual source of challenges, encouragement, and questions — a straight shooter with a big heart.

  13. I am very saddened to hear about the loss of Meg. My sincere condolences go to her family, friends, and the marketing metric community. I have interacted with Meg for more than two years as a MASB Trustee. She was a true believer of marketing metrics and marketing accountability. She used her amazing leadership to steer MASB forward. MASB would not be the great institution it is today without Meg’s contributions. MASB has lost a great leader. I will miss her.

  14. I first met Meg in the mid-70’s when she was blazing a new trail at P & G, ad testing with her new ARS approach doing battle with Burke and day after recall.
    There was an amazing strength about her. Meg will be a great loss to our profession and to all who knew her(and they are legion). It was an honor to work with Meg(and Dave & Kate) to launch MASB.

  15. Meg was a true mentor for me. Sometimes she was a professor, sharing her deep knowledge. Other times she was a counselor providing a sounding board. And other times she was a drill sergeant, pushing me to higher levels of achievement. Her guidance will be sorely missed.

  16. In a career spanning more than 50 years Meg proved to be a truly unique industry pioneer. At an ARF Conference in 1972, she promised to make measurement reliability and validity the foundations for improvement in return. Throughout her career she kept that promise, as founding President of the ARS Group and as founding President of MAF/MASB. Meg was an inspiration to those who worked with her, instilling an appreciation for the importance of quality measurement in marketing. I am honored to have been her colleague and friend.

  17. Meg possessed a very unique energy and perspective that inspires me professionally to make a difference and to always ask myself — what will be my legacy? On a personal level, I will never forget my fishing experience with her off of Nantucket on an August Saturday following a MASB summit. And afterwards, we enjoyed a couple of Miller High Life’s together.

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