2019: The Year in Marketing Accountability

Marketing accountability is becoming an international movement and MASB is representing U.S. interests in the development of new global standards while leading the charge to link marketing actions to financial performance. This was a banner year for new marketing accountability resources from the Marketing Accountability Standards Board. Take advantage of them!

Monthly usage of the Common Language Marketing Dictionary has exceeded 20,000 pageviews, and the new FINANCE in MARKETING Library on the MASB YouTube Channel has received nearly 3,000 views thus far.

MASB’s Sponsorship Accountability Metrics Project published the Sponsorship Accountability Series, five in-depth articles that share recommendations to improve the accountability of sponsorships, identifying practices across this continuum that improve value.

The ISO (International Organization for Standardization), recognized leader in setting international industry standards, brought together standards boards from around the world – including MASB – to publish ISO 20671, a global standard for brand evaluation designed to grow brand-owner value.

MASB Winter Summit 2019 in San Diego featured Evan Greene, former CMO of The Recording Academy, on Sponsorship, RJ Williams of Young Hollywood and Stuart McLean of Content and Company on The Strategic Role of Content Marketing, Laurence Newell of Brand Finance on The Brand Value League Tables Metric Assessment, and Larry Harris of Reset Digital and Gary Greenstein of WSGR on Digital Accountability. The CMO Spotlight was on Steve Shannon, former VP Marketing for Hyundai.

MASB’s Finance in Marketing Education Project launched the FINANCE in MARKETING Library on YouTube, with segments recorded by some of the top minds in marketing research and measurement today and more than 2,000 views so far!

Brand Finance’s Brand Value Rankings were certified through the Marketing Metric Audit Protocol (MMAP), MASB’s formal process for validating the relationship between marketing measurement and financial performance. The audit is now included in the MMAP Metric Catalog, available to MASB members.

MASB hosted the ISO Technical Committee 289 Plenary in New York to further develop global brand evaluation standards.

MASB Summer Summit 2019 in Chicago featured Pam Forbus of The Walt Disney Company on Making Multi-billion-dollar Blockbusters, Hugo Lagarda of BBVA USA on The Financial Measurement of Sponsorships, Dartmouth College Professor of Marketing Kevin Lane Keller on The Moribund Effect, MASB President/CEO Tony Pace on Carpe Brand, Christian Gradlmuller on SC Johnson’s Modern Marketing Reality and many other terrific presenters. We also had engaging panel discussions on Brand Value and Sponsorship.

Kevin Lane Keller, Ph.D., and Roger Sinclair, Ph.D., were jointly awarded the inaugural Margaret H. Blair Award for Marketing Accountability for their work proving the contribution of Marketing to enterprise value.

Marketing Accountability Foundation Trustee/Treasurer and former MillerCoors executive Jim Meier received the Joseph Plummer MASB Trailblazer Award, which recognizes individuals who embody the spirit of marketing accountability and have been instrumental in carrying out the mission of MASB.

2019 Press and Publications

Journal of Advertising Research: The Accountability Crisis In Advertising and Marketing • Stewart Dec 2019
MASB: Sponsorship Accountability Part 5: Measurement • Ebben/Christiansen/Pace Dec 2019
MASB: Sponsorship Accountability Part 4: Driving Sponsorship Value • Ebben/Christensen/Pace Nov 2019
MASB: Sponsorship Accountability Part 3: The Business Case for the Business Case • Ebben/Christensen/Pace Nov 2019
MASB: Sponsorship Accountability Part 2: Sponsorship Strategy and Brand Fit • Ebben/Christensen/Pace Oct 2019
MASB: Sponsorship Accountability Part 1: Elusive Dream or Quantifiable Reality? • Ebben/Christensen/Pace Oct 2019
Strategic Finance: The Financial Value of Brand • Calder Oct 2019
LinkedIn: On Sponsorship Measurement • Lagarda Aug 2019 
LinkedIn: AI & The Magic Customer-Getting Machine Thompson Aug 2019
LinkedIn: Marketing Return on Investment: Is Yours Accountable? Taylor Aug 2019
Newswire: Marketing Accountability Trailblazer, Meier, Honored by MASB for Work at MillerCoors Aug 2019
Newswire: Brand Authorities Sinclair and Keller Receive Blair Award for Marketing Accountability Aug 2019
Forbes: Carpe Brand Why Marketers Should Seize the Moment and Embrace New Standards Pace/Diorio Jun 2019
Forbes: How Transparent Is Your Marketing Spend? Diorio Apr 2019
Newswire: New ISO Global Standard Calls for Annual Brand Evaluations Mar 2019
Forbes: The Financial Power of Brand Preference Diorio Jan 2019

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