MMAP Metric Catalog

Comparing Marketing Metrics with Confidence

While marketing does not lack measures, current marketing performance measurement lacks standard metrics explicitly linked to financial return in predictable ways. The Marketing Metric Audit Protocol (MMAP) is a formal process for connecting marketing activities to the financial performance of the firm. It includes the conceptual linking of marketing activities to intermediate marketing outcome metrics to cash drivers of the business, as well as an audit as to how the metrics meet the validation & causality characteristics of an ideal metric.

Marketing Performance Metrics Profiled According to MMAP

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MSW•ARS Research CCPersuasion
Behavioral Science Lab BrandEmbrace
Kantar Millward Brown Link Copy Test
Nielsen BASES
MSW•ARS Research Brand Preference/Choice in Tracking

The MMAP Metric Catalog is a collection of reports profiling each metric that has undergone a MMAP assessment. These reports provide vendors and users of marketing performance metrics with:

  1. a systematic way of thinking about specific metrics
  2. criteria for assessing their usefulness (i.e. predictive validity and sensitivity)
  3. their relationships between one another
  4. their relationships to measures of financial performance


  1. Relevant – addresses specific (pending) action
  2. Predictive – accurately predicts outcome of (pending) action
  3. Objective – not subject to personal interpretation
  4. Calibrated – means the same across conditions & cultures
  5. Reliable – dependable & stable over time
  6. Sensitive – identifies meaningful differences in outcomes
  7. Simple – uncomplicated meaning & implications clear
  8. Causal – course of action leads to improvement
  9. Transparent – subject to independent audit
  10. Quality Assured – formal/on-going processes to assure 1-9

Practices & Processes Underlying the Development & Management of an “Ideal Metric” – Measuring and Improving the Return from TV Advertising (An Example)