Marketing Metric Certification

The MMAP Certified Metric Catalog: Comparing Marketing Metrics with Confidence

MASB metric certificationTo fulfill its mission of linking marketing activities to financial performance, MASB offers the only independent certification of marketing measurement metrics. The Marketing Metric Accountability Protocol (MMAP) includes the conceptual linking of marketing activities to intermediate marketing outcome metrics to cash drivers of the business, plus a review that examines how the metrics meet 10 characteristics of an ideal metric.

For measurement providers, MMAP offers validation of a metric’s usefulness via a process that reveals strengths and weaknesses, often resulting in the metric’s improvement. See MMAP ENDORSEMENTS.

For marketers, MMAP provides access to a catalog of independently certified marketing metrics that allows them to compare competing metrics with confidence.



Marketing Performance Metrics Certified by MASB’s Marketing Metric Accountability Protocol

[MASB Membership Required for Access]

CURRENT ASSESSMENTS (valid for 3 years)
Proof Analytics Proof Causal.AI
Brand Finance Brand Value Rankings
Kantar Millward Brown Meaningfully Different Framework
MSW Research CCPersuasion
Behavioral Science Lab BrandEmbrace
Kantar Millward Brown Link Copy Test
Nielsen BASES
MSW•ARS Research Brand Preference/Choice in Tracking
CoreBrand Equity Construct
Blue Marble Enterprises Customer Equity/Customer Lifetime Value
ARS Group APM Facts
Laurence Newell receives the MASB Certification award for Brand Finance’s Brand Value Rankings from MASB Chair Dave Stewart and MMC Project Chair Karen Ebben.

Marketing Metric Certification and Catalog Access

Both marketing metric certification and access to the MMAP Metric Catalog are currently included with MASB membership.

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