Summer Summit 2012 | Chicago, IL

Marketing & Finance are Aligning On Measurement Standards for Return
(Short Term & Over Time)

August 16-17, 2012

Thursday, August 16, 9:00AM-5:30PM

Welcome & Charge | MASB Chair David Stewart, LMU

MASB Warm-Up | Earl Taylor, MSI
What’s Been Accomplished & What’s Ahead

Marketing & Finance Aligning (Brand Investment & Valuation Project):

Journey to Brand Value: The Critical Missing Link | Don Sexton, Columbia

Keynote Marketing and Finance Pairs – Panel

Discussion | Jamie Richardson, Kimberly-Clark

Project Review & Status | Mike Hess, Nielsen

Marketing & Finance Aligning (Improving Financial Reporting Project):

Journey to MD&A Notes: Off Balance Sheet | Jim Gregory, CoreBrand

Keynotes on Improving Financial Reporting Intro | Michael Moore, UCR

Brand Valuator Perspective | David Haigh, Brand Finance

Analyst Perspective | Michael Corty, Morningstar

Project Review & Status | Moore

Summary & Call-To-Action | Meg Blair, MAF/MASB

Advisory Council Meeting | Stewart

Friday, August 17, 9:00AM-Noon

MASB Book I Team Meeting 8AM | Gugel, Stewart

BIV.MarCom Team Meeting 8AM | Primola, Sexton

Featured Project: Measuring Return from Interactive (Craig Stacey, Stern)

What is Known; Where We Stand | Sherrill Mane, IAB

Interim Interactive Budgeting Standards | Rafael Alcaraz, Hershey

Featured Project: Measuring Return for CPG w/CLV

The Pilot & What Lies Ahead | Kate Sirkin, SMG & Rick Abens, Foresight

Other Projects Underway (Overview, Status, Discussion):

Common Language Wiki | Paul Farris, Darden

MASB Metrics Catalogue (MMAP) | Allan Kuse, MMAP Center

The MASB Book I | Stewart

Housekeeping, Announcements & Adjourn