A Universal Language for Marketing

MASB Spring Summit March 6 2024Ambiguity and lack of referential integrity in marketing terminology hinders the integration, effectiveness and efficiency of processes and data, between functions within an organization, and across organizational partners.

There are no commonly accepted definitions for marketing activities nor for the metrics used to evaluate their outcomes. In partnership with its industry association members, MASB manages and shares a website for the Universal Marketing Dictionary (formerly Common Language Marketing Dictionary), combining the insights of leading academics and subject matter experts with input from the global business community.

Establishing industry endorsed common language and definitions eliminates ambiguity in marketing terminology and encourage trust and collaboration within and across the marketing industry & business communities.

Project Objectives

  •  eliminate ambiguity and definitional differences among functions within and across firms
  •  encourage trust and collaboration within and across functional areas in organizations, the marketing industry and the broader business community
  •  enhance marketing measurement and accountability through a commonly understood language of marketing