Finance in Marketing Education Project

Marketing programs in higher education may not provide students with the quantitative skills most desirable to companies. Because the teaching of quantitative marketing skills can be of less than ideal quality, marketing executives often struggle to communicate with their colleagues in Finance.

Need has arisen for an academic course spanning the disciplines of Finance and Marketing. MASB’s Finance in Marketing Education Project is a collaboration between Fortune 500 CFOs and CMOs and top Finance and Marketing academics.


The course will be designed to make it easy for instructors to teach the application of financial principles and metrics to marketing students by providing both tools and an approach for teaching financial principles in a marketing context.


Adoption of this course with supporting materials by higher education instructors nationwide – and globally.

“The project will give support to those aiming to improve the quality of teaching. This will benefit Marketing students in developing bankable skills, and support educators creating and delivering their courses. The advice developed by the project will help provide companies with marketing employees who are better able to work across disciplines, especially with colleagues in Finance, and to enable the marketers to better relate their activities to firm performance.” 
– Project Team Co-Leader Neil Bendle, PhD, Assistant Professor, Ivey Business School

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