Summer Summit 2016 Atlanta

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A. Welcome-Announcements (Allan Kuse, MMAP Center)

B. Intro-Charge (David Stewart, Loyola Marymount University)

C. Finance & Marketing Panel (Sunil Garga, [m]PHASIZE)

D. Applying  Analytics to Human Resources (Lori Kuehn, General Motors)

E. CIR Project Review (John Willard, MASB)

F. CIR Keynote (Greg Banks, Maddock Douglas)

G. Marketer Member Panel (John Willard, MASB)

H. ISO-TC289 Brand Evaluation (Gerhard Hrebicek, European Brand Institute; Bobby Calder, Northwestern University)

H2. Brand Evaluation Standards (Frank Findley, MSW•ARS Research; Edgar Baum, Strata Insights)

I. BIV Project Review (Frank Findley, MSW•ARS Research; Kevin Richardson, Member At Large)

J. SASB (Jeffrey Hales, Sustainability Accounting Standards Board)

K. IIRC (Lisa French, International Integrated Reporting Council)

L. The End of Accounting (Feng Gu, SUNY-Buffalo)

M. IFR Project Review (Michael Moore, Loyola Marymount University)

N. Call to Action (Meg Blair, Marketing Accountability Foundation)

O. Atlanta – Whats in a Name (Marcy Breffle, Historic Oakland Foundation)

P. ROI Across Media (Leslie Wood, Nielsen Catalina Solutions)

Q. Innovation (Jim Gregory, Tenet)

R. Metrics Catalogue Project Review (Karen Ebben, General Motors)

S. Common Language Project Review  (Paul Farris, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia)

T. MASB Marketing Update (John Willard, MASB; Erich Decker-Hoppen, MASB)

U. Housekeeping