Winter Summit 2017 Orlando

A. Welcome. Announcements

B. Intro. Charge

C. Aligning Finance & Marketing

D. Continuous Improvement in Return (CIR) Project Update

E. PANEL – 1st Step of Governance: Marketing & Finance Working Together

F. CIR Leading Practices

G. KEYNOTE: CIR Best Practice Company – Tyson

H. MARKETER PANEL – CIR Scorecard Process

I. Brand Investment & Valuation (BIV) Project Phase II

J. Brand Evaluation Standards (BES) Project

K. Improving Financial Reporting (IFR) Project Update

L. Finance In Marketing Course (FMC) Project Update

M. Digital Marketing Best Practices – Leapfrog Online

N. Summary. Passing the Torch

O. Orlando History

P. Metric Catalog Project Update

Q. MASB & MRC: Leveraging Audit Resources

R. Universal Code for Ads – Ad-ID

S. Real-Time Ad Measurement –

T. Measuring Social Media – Fizziology

U. Common Language in Marketing Project Update

V. Housekeeping. Announcements